Michelle Gelmi Fine Art

Michelle Gelmi is a talented and visionary artist, based in Dunsborough, in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking coastal and bush settings as well as the joy and excitement of the many families who holiday in the region, Michelle’s work is both vibrant, meaningful and captures the true feelings and encounters to be found in the area. She also works on commissioned pieces, bringing her unique style to highly personalised work of art.

Underwater Life

Michelle’s husband provides her inspiration and window to the marine world. Michelle has a fascination with coral and reef and fish, being surrounded by wonderful undersea scenes unique to Western Australia. The many trips to the North West and the beautiful Ningaloo reef provide essence and drive to strive to capture the details of the reef and it abundant life.
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Michelle’s landscapes are a place to sit, a place to be, sinak into, reflect and think. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Western Australian coastline and coastal forest areas, her paintings are as spectacular and timeless as the locations depicted. The trees that find a place amongst the rock and hard ground, blackboys standing tall to watch over an ancient water.
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Michelle requests for portraits range from Bull Dog, Race horses, favourite cars and children at play. Children on the beach playing in the sand, holds a special place for Michelle, living in Dunsborough and watching her own two children grow up on the beach with a bucket and spade, watching their playtime in their timeless escape the beach.
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Michelle find the intricacy of flowers a treat to study and work on. The texture and colour that flow along the pedals are one of natures truly amazing designs and display of colour. Michelle takes the time to look deeply into the flowers she paints.
The depth and lush colour of these roses make you feel like you could run your hands over the pedals.
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“Michelle work brightens up our living spaces – our coral reef painting are awesome”

Louise Busselton

Hi Michelle
“Lush” has arrived at its final destination.
Thank you Thank you
It is stunning.
Kind regards


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